Tips for Reducing Your Recovery Time

Dr. Sandro LaRocca MD of New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C.

If you are preparing for a back procedure, you likely have questions about your recovery. While the time it takes for each individual to heal will vary depending on the type of surgery and condition, there are a few things patients can do that may help to speed up spinal surgery recovery. While Dr. LaRocca will personalize a recommended recovery plan alongside each individual patient, below is some general advice to facilitate a faster and smoother recovery process.

Consider Pre-Surgery Physical Therapy

Your health and physical condition leading up to surgery have an impact on how you’ll heal afterward. By improving your fitness before the procedure, you can prepare your body to recover quicker and more effectively. Dr. LaRocca suggests contacting a physical therapist ahead of time and informing them of your upcoming procedure. With their help, you can plan a set of exercises to increase strength around the problem area in the days leading up to surgery. This comes with the added benefit of establishing a relationship with your physical therapist as well. After your procedure, you’ll have someone you can trust to support you through spinal surgery recovery.

Restrict Movements While Staying Active

After surgery, restricting your movement is crucial. Bending, twisting, and lifting will place pressure on your vulnerable spine, and you’ll need to slow down and be mindful of how your body moves. There are also several strategies to help navigate everyday tasks while under these restrictions, including:

  • Tools for reaching: A claw tool can help you grab lightweight items without twisting or stretching.
  • Slip-on shoes: Invest in a sturdy pair of shoes that you can easily put on without bending.
  • Silk pajamas: Smooth, slippery pajamas will help you move around in bed without twisting.
  • Squats: If you need to pick something up from the floor, squat rather than bending.

Even though your movement is restricted, you should still keep moving. Spending too much time lying down is a common post-surgery mistake. The inactivity can sharply reduce your metabolism, which decreases the body’s ability to heal itself. This is why rehabilitation and physical therapy are invaluable tools for recovery. A skilled physical therapist can plan a routine that avoids undue stress to the procedure area while boosting your metabolism. What’s more, physical therapy will also improve strength and flexibility – helping you feel like yourself again.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

In addition to physical therapy and restricting your movements, Dr. LaRocca may also instruct patients to ensure they do the following during spine surgery recovery:

  • Take medications as prescribed, following instructions carefully for safety and best results.
  • Keep the surgical site dry for the first week. Afterward, clean it with a shower or sponge bath.
  • Check your incision site for any redness, swelling, discharge, or other signs of infection.
  • Sleep with a straight back, and make an extra effort to get sufficient rest.
  • Do not drive without Dr. LaRocca’s clear approval.
  • Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or use tobacco products after your procedure.

Get in Touch with Spine Surgery Expert Dr. Sandro LaRocca

As you prepare for spine surgery recovery, remember that the healing process is a matter of both time and personal effort. By holding to these recommendations, you may be able to facilitate a faster and more effective healing period. To learn more, get in touch with Dr. LaRocca at the New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C. Patients who have attempted other treatment options with no success can get help from our New Jersey locations in Lawrenceville, Mount Laurel, North Brunswick, and Wall Township. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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