What Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS)?

Minimally invasive spine surgery, as the name implies, is a procedure utilizing specialized techniques and instruments which allow Dr. LaRocca to operate with as little intrusion upon the body as possible.

Why should I consider minimally invasive spine surgery?

There are a few distinct advantages to a minimally invasive approach if a patient qualifies:

  • Because the incision sites are significantly smaller in comparison to open spinal surgery, there is generally a lower risk of infection as less internal tissue is exposed.
  • During open surgery, muscles, tendons, and ligaments may be cut in order to access the affected area of the spinal column. With minimally invasive spine surgery, these anatomic structures are preserved resulting in significantly less soft tissue damage.
  • Faster recovery time for patients
  • In some cases, minimally invasive spine surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis or during a short hospital stay.
  • There is typically less pain and scarring associated with a minimally invasive approach to the spine.

Who is a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery?

While there are always advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery, certain conditions such as high-degree scoliosis or spinal tumors require standard surgery as a treatment. Dr. LaRocca can recommend which surgical treatment options are best suited to a patient’s individual needs.

What procedures are considered minimally invasive?

Many open surgeries performed by Dr. LaRocca also have a minimally invasive approach. Dr. LaRocca will help determine which is the best treatment option. Procedures include: