Cervical (Neck) Procedures

The Cervical Spine

Commonly known as the neck, the cervical spine is comprised of seven vertebrae (C-1 – C-7) that begin at the base of the skull and connect to the top of the thoracic spine in the shoulder region. Though flexible and strong, due to its complex structure and the stresses or injuries that can impact it, the cervical spine is susceptible to conditions such as:

The cervical spine serves several important functions including:

  • Protecting the spinal cord, which houses the nerves that send signals from the brain to the body
  • Supporting the head, which can weigh upwards of 10 to 13-pounds
  • Keeping the blood flowing to the brain through openings in the vertebrae found only in the cervical region of the spine

Cervical Surgical Procedures

The caring, experienced team at New Jersey Neck & Back Institute offer surgical options for the treatment of cervical spinal conditions including: