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  • After suffering for several weeks with lower back pain, which affected my left leg and foot as well, and going through a course of physical therapy with little to no relief, I was referred to Dr. LaRocca for further evaluation. Upon reviewing my x-rays, he told me that I needed surgery to correct the problem. Dr. LaRocca performed the surgery I needed, but not before I fully understood what was to be done. He took time for me; he answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease. I am now pain free!!! Thank you, Dr. LaRocca!! I am now able to perform regular lifestyle and housekeeping tasks (just the things you take for granted such as making the bed, washing clothes, dishes, etc.), and walking with NO PAIN. If I need to vacuum, I do it in stages, making sure I am not overdoing it.
  • In 2004, I fell at work and had a lot of back problems. Once again, in 2011, I picked up a heavy object and felt a pop in my back. I had a disc out of place and a lot of pain. The quality of care from Dr. LaRocca is second to none! He took every step to get to the heart of my problem. Dr. LaRocca’s staff is very experienced and helpful. They are always kind and courteous.
  • I fell on Long Beach Island and sustained a C1 cervical fracture. When the ER physicians saw my MRI, they said the best place was the hospital in Hopewell. That is where we met Dr. LaRocca, who came in on a Saturday night to assess the situation. He explained the injury and I was placed in a cervical collar. Dr. LaRocca and his staff were supportive, thorough and most professional. I had another health issue that complicated my treatment. I finally had to have a spinal fusion which was successful.
  • In I herniated my L-4, L-5 disc. I was suffering from severe back pain, numbness, and tingling in my left leg and foot. I underwent a microdiscectomy before I met Dr. LaRocca that made my symptoms worse. I had numbness and tingling in both legs after surgery. I was unable to sit, stand, or walk for more than 20 minutes. I tried Physical Therapy, Epidural injections, Cortizone injections, nerve blocks and RFA from levels L-3 to L-5 and S1. After seeing numerous doctors, I found Dr. LaRocca. Dr. LaRocca has helped me more than I can put into words. At my first appointment he made me feel like my health and happiness was the most important thing. Other doctors were afraid of my case because I am only 21 years old, but Dr. LaRocca looked at my quality of life rather than my age. Dr. LaRocca gave me my life back and has continued to make sure my recovery is as smooth and fast as possible. My fusion is probably the best thing that happened to me. Because of this surgery, I’ll be able to sit through my classes as I finish my senior year of college. I will be able to work as an auditor upon graduation. I can coach field hockey at a collegiate level and will be able to eventually play again. I am finally able to live without pain.
  • As a police officer, I had an accident while on duty as a motor cyclist which caused severe pain to my neck and back. Ever since having my spine surgery by Dr. LaRocca in 2011, my police office, family and friends cannot believe I am the same person! I returned as if nothing happened. Thank you all for changing my life from pain to painless!
    Name Kept Private
  • For twenty years I suffered with low back pain that, at times, left me bed-ridden for days. My back problems started while I was in my mid-twenties. Two herniated discs resulted from years of wear and tear and were treated early on using pain management techniques including physical manipulation, rest and medication together with strength training. The final attempt with pain management included spinal injections whose frequency increased with each subsequent administration to the point where putting a bandage on the problem was no longer feasible. Of the three recommendations from very reputable medical institutions, only NJNBI shared a sincere interest in identifying the root cause of my chronic pain. Dr. LaRocca spent considerable time over several visits to understand my condition and together with my historical records made the correct decision to perform the surgery to correct the problem. Today I am pain-free with no need for taking medications or getting spinal injections and together with my regular exercise continue to be as nimble as ever. My profession requires considerable amount of time at a desk and prior to the surgery required me to perform periodic stretching exercises to relieve pain. The need to lay on the floor at work and do isometric exercises is no longer needed because the pain doesn’t exist!
  • I suffered with back issues since my college days, but had extreme pain the past four years. I did everything possible using non-invasive methods. Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Epidural injections, and Physical Therapy, but I hit a plateau and realized, surgery was my last option. When I first consulted with Dr. LaRocca, I was very fearful of needing and having surgery. He answered all my questions, went over all the risks. There was something about Dr. LaRocca that just made me feel very calm, and I had 100% confidence in his experience and ability. I felt safe with him and unafraid. The surgery was a success and his follow-up and concern about my progress has been excellent. I’m now sleeping better. The horrible burning sensation that used to make me crazy is GONE, that alone made the surgery worthwhile. I just bought a pilates machine and will be starting that soon, and also start walking and swimming again.
  • I work for a local doctor and I was in severe pain, so my doctor recommended Dr. LaRocca. He went out of his way to see me the same day I called his office. Dr. LaRocca is wonderful. He took time with my husband and I, to explain everything. To this day, I wouldn’t trust anyone to operate on me but him. His bedside manner is great. He listens to his patients, which sometimes unfortunately doesn’t happen with a lot of doctors. The office staff is also great. They really go out of their way to help the patients and they show concern. After the surgery my pain went away instantly. I still have some back pain, but that is due to my arthritis. I feel much better. I recommend Dr. LaRocca to anyone I know who has back, neck, and spine issues. I personally would not see anyone else. I recently retired, and I am babysitting my grandchildren a few days a week. It is wonderful to be able to keep up with them now the way I couldn’t before!
    Wishes To Remain Anonymous
  • Dr. LaRocca really cares about his patients and their families. I fell while I was under his care after my neck operation. Dr. LaRocca was so concerned that he came to the x-ray facility on the day he was leaving for vacation to make sure there was no further damage. He assured us that things were okay and explained everything and calmed our fears. We were overwhelmed to think he would come to check personally before leaving on a well-deserved break. That is one extraordinary doctor!!!
  • I can only say the results of my extensive surgeries by Dr. LaRocca are beyond miraculous with a total lack of pain and an outcome far better than I had anticipated. I appreciate Dr. LaRocca’s skill and talent as a surgeon, but in addition, his professionalism, patience, care and understanding through the entire process was beyond exemplary. From the first meeting, during which he provided a thorough and understandable explanation of what would take place, to the follow-through visits, the concern, compassion, and listening skills were excellent. Dr. LaRocca’s assistant was helpful, proactive, caring and cooperative and that does not nearly describe her involvement. She made us feel as if we were part of the family and a team. Her friendliness and ability to make everything as easy as possible were incredible.
  • I was forced to use a walker for three months. I was unable to stand or walk for even short periods of time. I was unable to drive, work, or go about daily activities. My condition continued to decline and I had surgery. Dr. LaRocca is a very compassionate surgeon and his surgical skills are exceptional. The staff is wonderful and supportive. I returned to daily activities and to work eight weeks after surgery. Exceptional care was extended. I continue to do well and thank Dr. LaRocca and his staff.
  • I was having severe back pain. I had a bone biopsy done to make sure my cancer did not come back from another part of my body. Dr. LaRocca and his staff helped me so much. They put my mind at ease and I have had no further complications. I wasn’t able to get back into my daily routine after my cancer, but after the surgery with Dr. LaRocca, I have regained my mobility. The pain has stopped. Dr. LaRocca has changed my life and it’s hard to put it in words. I am forever grateful. I am now able to go swimming, exercise daily, and attend yoga and trampoline classes.
  • Before I retired in August, I had several consultations with other doctors for my cervical pain. None of the doctors that I consulted with were able help with the pain that I was tolerating daily. Dr. LaRocca took the time to help me, and my wife too, in letting us know that there was still hope for me. Dr. LaRocca performed surgery on my neck recently. Throughout the healing process, the Dr. L and the office staff were there for me. I feel better than before. Since the surgery, I don’t feel as depressed as I did before having the surgery. I could say that my situation is better than ever and improving by the day. I am now able to walk better, play billiards, and go to the gym.
    Jeremiah Ogden

  • I was injured in a motor vehicle accident and Dr. LaRocca performed my emergency surgery. I think Dr. LaRocca is extremely competent, listens when I have any questions and goes into explaining any & everything to me. I trust Dr. LaRocca and have complete faith in him. I could go on and on about the positive treatment that I have received from Dr. LaRocca. I am currently able to take care of myself again, cook, clean, dress myself. Thank you, Dr. LaRocca!
    Simone Y.
  • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and broke my neck at C6-C7. Dr. LaRocca saved my life. After my initial evaluation by him, he took me into surgery the next morning. He performed a spinal fusion and put me back together. Dr. LaRocca has a wonderful team…from the moment I met them, like a long lost friend. Dr. LaRocca is extremely compassionate and has made me feel as if I was his only patient. Great post-op care! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Dr. LaRocca and his team. My physical activities after 3 months have all resumed. I just have to remember to be careful about certain things that may aggravate my neck/shoulders.
    Rachel Murphy

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