How Does The MRI Review Program Work?

The New Jersey Neck & Back Institute offers a comprehensive review of MRI studies to prospective patients at no obligation to the patient.

Dr. LaRocca, director at NJNBI, will review your MRI scan, and note each condition, its cause and severity. Then, he will personally discuss the findings with you.

There is no risk, no obligation, and all of your information will be kept strictly confidential.

*New Jersey Neck & Back Institute is not a Medicare provider, but we can provide treatment to Medicare enrollees under private contracts or if Medicare is a secondary insurance. NJNBI is not a Medicaid provider, therefore, we cannot treat Medicaid patients.

It's Easy to Get Started

1. Check Availability

This opportunity is available to any individual in our local area, the tristate area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, or close enough to consider visiting our office for an appointment) can submit a recent spinal MRI for a review.

2. Personal Review

At NJNBI we do not have a technician, assistant or other non-surgeon/non US-credentialed surgeon review patient films. Each potential patient’s films are reviewed by Dr. LaRocca, a board certified, fellowship trained spinal surgeon with expertise in complex spinal reconstruction, minimally invasive spinal surgical techniques, and non operative treatment of spinal conditions.

3. Discuss Your Options

He will then personally call or meet with you in person to answer questions and discuss possible state of the art, technologically advanced treatment options based upon a preliminary interpretation of the MRI.

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