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Overview of Spondylolytic Spondylolisthesis

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can stem from a variety of issues, one of which is a medical condition called spondylolytic spondylolisthesis. In order to find the cause of your symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sandro LaRocca.

Together with his team at New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C., he specializes in healing patients through a combination of compassionate care and advanced surgical techniques.

Symptoms of Spondylolytic Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis occurs when a vertebra becomes displaced and slips forward. The L4 and L5 segments are most commonly affected, although other areas along the spine can develop this condition, as well. It’s typically caused by bone degeneration, a bone defect or a stress fracture. As the vertebra weakens, it’s unable to maintain its normal position. While some patients don’t experience any symptoms, others report severe, persistent lower back pain and limited mobility. Symptoms may include:

  • Pain and stiffness in the lower back
  • Radicular pain (pain that radiates to the lower extremities)
  • Lower back tenderness
  • Difficulty performing daily activities

Recommended Courses of Treatment

For patients with suspected spondylolytic spondylolisthesis, Dr. LaRocca will conduct a complete diagnostic evaluation. He’ll review your medical history, perform a physical exam and may order additional X-rays, CT scans, or MRI’s to get a detailed look at your spine.

Based on the findings of his evaluation, Dr. LaRocca will then craft an individualized treatment plan. Spondylolytic spondylolisthesis can be managed with medications, physical therapy exercises and back braces. If the case is severe enough, or if the spine doesn’t respond to nonsurgical methods, he might recommend spinal surgery to correct the affected vertebra. Surgery can help reposition the slipped vertebra and stabilize the spine to prevent it from happening again.

Explore Your Options Today

While spondylolytic spondylolisthesis can be painful and disrupt your daily life, it is treatable. Contact New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C. to meet with Dr. Sandro LaRocca and discuss your symptoms. He’s experienced in treating a range of different conditions and has helped patients all throughout NJ get much-needed relief for their back pain.

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