What Back Surgery Can Do Compared to Non Operative Approaches

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As people navigate their spinal problems the question most will face is whether or not to have surgery and when. There are times when surgery must be the first option and the conservative approaches of chiropractics, physical therapy, medications and pain management are not appropriate. When there is a neurological deterioration or deficit from trauma … Read more

Conquering the Fear of Back Surgery

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You’ve already been to a physical therapist, chiropractor, or pain management practice. And you’ve tried epidural and steroid shots to ease your chronic back pain. After finding no long-term relief, is back surgery worth it? Spinal surgery can result in life altering differences improving your quality of life, but fear and common myths make too … Read more

Time To Fix This Pain In The Neck! When Is It Time For Cervical Herniation Surgery and What Does It Involve?

The vertebrae that start at the base of your skull and are in your neck are called cervical vertebrae. You have 7 cervical vertebrae and your surgery will name which ones surround the damaged disc. For example, you may have been told you “need a discectomy and fusion of C 6-7.”   You may hear your … Read more

Pre Surgical Anxiety: 17 Tips on How To Stay Calm Before Going Into Surgery

Pre Surgery Anxiety Guide - Lawrenceville, NJ - New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C.

The feeling of anxiety before going under surgery, also known as preoperative or preoperational anxiety, is incredibly common. A lot of patients who know they will have surgery will start to experience it. Anxiety before surgery is essentially described as unpleasant stress, uneasiness, or tension that results from the fears and doubts of patients. What … Read more

Considering Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In New Jersey? Here Are Some Facts and Benefits To Know

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When considering surgery as an option for successfully treating a back condition, it is important to understand the differences between surgeries to determine what option is best for you. Typically, surgery is only reserved for when conservative methods of treatment—such as medication or physical therapy—have failed to provide relief from pain and other symptoms.

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Is Sciatica Causing My Back Pain or Is It Something Else?

The term Sciatica is, as you noted below, is generally used as a general term for back pain into the buttock or leg. A true “sciatica” is from compression of the sciatic nerve which is a nerve composed by a number of spinal nerves, typically L3-S1. A true compression is from something like a piriformis syndrome whereas compression of one of the spinal nerves in the spine occurring from one of the conditions you list below.

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