Does where you get treated make a difference? Why finding a medical home is important

When you are shopping for a car or new furniture, you wouldn’t think twice about visiting multiple stores or driving extra miles to find what you need — why should your health care be any different? The fact is that where you get treated, even for common conditions makes a huge difference — but not […]

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The Long-Term Benefits of Spine Surgery

More often than not, the last thing patients suffering from neck or back conditions want to hear is that they need spine surgery. When conservative approaches like pain management, chiropractic modalities, physical therapy, and others can only provide temporary relief, surgery may serve as a pathway to better health and long-term success. At New Jersey […]

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Lumbar Spinal Conditions that Worsen due to Lifestyle

In the lumbar spine, the frequent causes of many common conditions include repetitive pulling, straining, reaching, twisting, and bending motions. However, several spinal injuries can be attributed to poor lifestyle choices beyond moving the body in harmful ways, including pre-existing conditions like diabetes and even tolerance from strength-training and conditioning. Therefore, it’s important to recognize […]

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Pre Surgical Anxiety: 17 Tips on How To Stay Calm Before Going Into Surgery

The feeling of anxiety before going under surgery, also known as preoperative or preoperational anxiety, is incredibly common. A lot of patients who know they will have surgery will start to experience it. Anxiety before surgery is essentially described as unpleasant stress, uneasiness, or tension that results from the fears and doubts of patients. What […]

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When is it time for lumbar disc herniation surgery and what does it involve?

The vertebrae at the base of your spine are called lumbar vertebrae. You have five lumbar vertebrae and your surgery will name which ones surround the damaged disc. For example, you may have been told you “need a discectomy at L4-L5.” You may hear your surgeon say that your disc herniation was due to “degenerative […]

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Cervical Neck Surgery Recovery Guide: 5 Tips To Speed Up Time It Takes To Heal

Nobody wants to have spine surgery, but it is sometimes necessary. Naturally, trying alternative remedies and treatments is always the first course of action. If you have experienced neck pain for some time and you have followed the available treatment options but you didn't experience the results you were hoping for, then you may need […]

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Stenosis? Surgery may help

One of the most common conditions that may require spinal surgery is called “stenosis,” a word that you may see on your MRI report. Most people have some degree of stenosis in their vertebrae that causes discomfort and pain, and can compromise quality of life to a degree that requires surgical intervention. While stenosis is […]

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How to Know Whether You May Require Cervical Surgery

Your cervical spine, more commonly referred to as your neck, is made up of seven vertebrae that start at the top of your shoulders and rise to the base of your skull. It serves a multitude of purposes, including protecting the spinal cord, enabling movement, and much more. While not all neck discomfort is serious, […]

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Acute Spinal Injuries: A Comprehensive Overview

With causes ranging from slips and falls to motor vehicle accidents, many patients of all ages and backgrounds sustain an acute spinal injury each year. As Dr. Sandro LaRocca of New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C. often informs patients, these injuries even affect those who are young and have healthy, appropriately dense bones. Here, […]

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